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Become an eBait International SAS Value Added Reseller

Increase Your Advertising Agency Digital Sales Profits PERMANENTLY!

At eBait International we deliver digital merchandising, inventory managements, website, and acquisition software that no ad agency could afford to develop; gift wrapped with a white label. As an eBait International VAR (Value Added Reseller) your advertising agency account directors and coordinators finally get to go fully digital while keeping their daily, weekly, and monthly focus on creative services, proper media placement, and integrated media messaging. Our white label advertising agencies offer their clients the best websites and a host of digital merchandising SAS solutions. These leading edge marketing agency services put your advertising agency ahead of national sales teams. Conglomerate technology companies are more likely to waste money with a city block of booth space (at a convention) than to take 10 minutes and write solid web page title, PPC headline, local back-links plan, or socially relevant display. With eBait International, we take the time and effort to utilize your dollars in the most efficient means possible and do not focus on flashy gimmicks or grand gestures that don't make any money.

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Large, seemingly sophisticated, retail tech giants are falling out of favor fast. They have grown so large and out of touch that they don't ever take the time to see if your advertising dollars are working for you. All they care about is their bottom line. Simply put, they are not nimble enough to provide today's business retails the required boutique focus with locally relevant content to stay ahead in the SEO game. Instead, they are slow to innovate, slow to act, and understaffed in the areas most critical for SEO and SEM success. For your advertising agencies to survive in today's digital space, they must drive daily, weekly, and monthly ROI. Real ROI comes from a combination of automated and human merchandising. That means using the tools that allow for rapid deployment and immediate updates while still using the human side to analyze what is working and what is not. That also means having conversations with local consumers and taking their words to heart so your business can effectively and efficiently grow. A white label digital marketing partnership puts the most well-conceived website, inventory management, merchandising, PPC management, and social media software in your capable hands. We look forward to arming your team of marketing and media placement professionals into a symphony of success stories.

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