Automated Seller Notes with Comment GENie?

Automated Description & Seller Notes With Local SEO Keyword Infusion

With eBait's local SEO vehicle description and seller's notes generation software, seller's notes and inventory details are easily created and automatically placed to your site. Each item or vehicle's auto-generated features and benefits are randomized to give the appearance of a hand-written vehicle comments or seller’s notes. A “Features Weighting System” allows you to designate each item or vehicle’s most important features for top billing, making it easy to emphasize selling points of each vehicle as the software automatically generates comments.

When applied to vehicles, Comment GENie™ inserts value-building headline statements unique to each vehicle like “preventative maintenance items completed,” “preventative maintenance dollar values,” “vehicle mileage,” “unique trim package identifiers,” and more! You can even tack on different vehicle headlines and tagline phrases, like a toll-free number or sales event call-to-action. Car, boat, motorcycle, power sport, and RV dealer staff can write multiple introductions, and vehicle comments (benefits) statements for each feature on a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, or power sports vehicle.

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