Business Inventory Management

Manage Your Inventory Efficiently

Videos, photos, comments, image overlays, inventory distribution, accurate merchandising... We know inventory management can be overwhelming. Our industry leading digital inventory management and remarketing tools can help you navigate it all. Developed in part by our clients to be easy to use, we have listened when you have asked and we have built an incredible set of tools that will make your inventory management easier, accurate, and complete.

  • The most powerful digital inventory management and re-marketing tools in the cloud.
  • Proprietary Vin Decode system enables easy entry of stock image, floor plan, video, brochures, data, and more.
  • Decodes VIN to Trim level for nightly inventory distribution to over 100 third party websites
  • Photo upload manager with automated overlay graphics increase brand and sales event awareness (up to 60 photos per vehicle)
  • Destination-specific seller's notes headline and tagline generator enhances sales promotions and lead source tracking
  • Video upload and 3rd party distribution manager increases time on site and lead conversion (up to five videos per product)
  • Automated price bucket adjustment module for both new and pre-owned improves turn rates by triggering 3rd party ‘reduced price’ indicators
  • Automated, SEO keyword-enhanced seller's notes generated via customizable comments library
  • Digital Sales features to include Vendor Specific Photo Insertion & the ability to add up to 12 photos per merchandise unit to send to selected third party vendors.
  • Customer friendly integration with several companies in the industry to ensure that if you wish to use another service, we do our best to make it easy to implement
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