About Us

History of eBait International

eBait International is a U.S. Veteran owned and operated marketing software and services company. We are best known for our robust in-house CMS that powers our reseller solutions, agency SAS solutions, RV, marine, powersport websites, and inventory merchandising solutions. eBait International began offering digital marketing and inventory-focused car dealership photography and videography services in 2006. Today, through our subsidiaries, we work with over 200 diverse companies, numerous ad agencies, and dozens of other businesses with different marketing, merchandising, and inventory management needs.

We've Become Known For...

Aside from being known for our competitive marketing solutions, eBait and our partners have become known for:

  • Inventory management and merchandising software
  • Digital marketing and digital campaign advertising services
  • The best custom websites and SEO management
  • Automated and SEO-enhanced digital Sellerís Notes Generator
  • Trade in value and private seller purchasing software
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Local directory optimization

What Does the eBait Name Mean?

eBait International started off as the acronym Employeee Based Administration Internet Tool, but as business began to grow, it evolved from just being the name of our internal CMS into the name of our company. Now, eBait International partners with several hundred companies ranging from RV's, marine, and motorsports to many other companies. Today, we think of ourselves as merchandising and inventory management experts with a militant attention to detail that drives retail sales. We use both automated and human merchandising techniques to help businesses optimally represent their product's unique value in the local marketplace. Whether your business is selling RV's, widgets, or whatever, eBait can help sell anything hook line and sinker.