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Website SEO Plans with a Purpose

Dedicated SEO Experts

eBait International is a full-service Search Engine Optimization agency with an experienced team of SEO experts. Your dedicated SEO supervisor monitors both your business and your business's primary competitors for visibility, positioning, and local relevance. We work to ensure top 3 ranking on page one of Google organic results for the keywords and semantic content concepts that drive your sales. Whether you are looking to audit and understand current in-house or outsourced SEO efforts, or you are looking to expand your organic search ranking, our free SEO analysis team are up to the task. They will audit both you and your competitorís strengths and weaknesses, then devise and execute a strategy to place or keep you at the top of Google and Bingís page one organic ranking. Our dedicated team awaits your call.

Full Service SEO Plans

We offer weekly, city-specific content/blogging and page building packages to begin securing your business' organic ranking. Our basic SEO packages can help position you as THE authority for your market. Our more intensive packages can help you dominate your primary PMA while simultaneously solving for conquest cities that make sense. We are sensitive to your OEM's SEO restrictions and are fully versed in all OEM paid and organic search compliance requirements.

Results You Can See

Our team sets up detailed (per rooftop) project monitoring that continuously watches your SEO keywords, traffic, and competitor activity, allowing us to prevent keyword snipers from stealing your search engine placement. Keyword movement and opportunities are reviewed and targets adjusted as needed. Our blog and page builds go through a rigorous review process where proper SEO tags and techniques are verified under strict quality control standards. We utilize the latest in grammar and duplicate content detection software moving your dealership to the first page of Google, Bing and other popular search engines.

More Than Just Content

Our team's setup detailed project monitoring of your keywords, traffic, and competitors. Our SEO focus goes well beyond just adding new content-rich pages multiple times per week. We also monitor your website health by running a weekly audit to check for Google updates and potential penalties. Our website audits find broken links, missing images, missing or duplicate meta tags, and much more. Our best company website content packages give you targeted and SEO-optimized text for high traffic pages with pages specifically designed to take over nearby geographic areas and nearby competitors.

Keeping Up With Change

SEO is a field that can change with the monthly or quarterly wave of a Google or Bing wand. Keeping up is, quite literally, a full-time job. eBaitís SEO experts stay in perpetual learning mode staying on top of the latest search engine algorithm updates and changes. We are constantly monitoring Google, Bing, and social media blogs and technical releases to stay ahead of current SEO trends taking the necessary steps to keep our client websites a breath behind major search engine algorithm updates as they occur.

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